Vegetable Tortellini Soup

It’s been cold here lately and we’ve been feeling under the weather, so I decided to try a new quick and easy soup. I scoured the web and Pinterest and landed on the Pioneer Woman’s veggie tortellini. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Vegetable Tortellini Soup *recipe from the Pioneer Woman Ingredients 8 cups Low-sodium Vegetable Or Chicken Stock 6 ounces, weight … Continue reading Vegetable Tortellini Soup

Grannie Tritschler’s Apple Pie

I do not like fruit pie. However, the first time I went to my husband’s grandmother’s for Christmas Eve I tried a piece of their apple pie. I was in heaven! I really enjoy apples, but not usually cooked apples, mostly because of all the cinnamon that usually accompany it. This pie is delicious and not overly cinnamonned (pretty sure that’s not a word). You can … Continue reading Grannie Tritschler’s Apple Pie

Our Favorite Blackberry Cobbler

Summer is fresh berry season, and since it’s quickly approaching I decided to post this blackberry cobbler recipe. My husband loves blackberry cobbler. So when the berries start coming in the cast iron gets heated up and cobbler starts being made! When I discovered this recipe we thought we had died and gone to heaven! It is always a family favorite, and so simple and easy … Continue reading Our Favorite Blackberry Cobbler

Loaded Baked Potato Fondue: Recipe from the Melting Pot

Fondue seems to be a blog favorite, especially around the holidays. I had a reader request a recipe for the loaded baked potato fondue and I found one! Here is a link to the video of someone making the recipe if you would like to watch. The recipe is from NewsOn6, which is a news station in Oklahoma. Happy fonduing! *You can use an electric fondue pot … Continue reading Loaded Baked Potato Fondue: Recipe from the Melting Pot