Todd Makes Dinner!!

Tonight my husband made me dinner!  Since we were out-of-town on my birthday he wanted to make dinner at home for me as an after birthday treat, no way was I going to say no to that!  He made salad with homemade dressing, steak, and Parmesan potatoes.  It was delicious!  Here are the recipes he used. Salad Ingredients Baby Spinach Cherry Tomatoes Feta Cheese Dressing … Continue reading Todd Makes Dinner!!

Canning Blackberry Jam and Freezing Green Beans

Well we went on vacation for a couple of weeks and when we came back our garden was overflowing with green beans and blackberries!  After snapping the green beans and washing everything I needed to put everything up.  I don’t have a pressure cooker so I had to freeze the beans, but with the blackberries I couldn’t resist making some jam!!  Below are the recipes … Continue reading Canning Blackberry Jam and Freezing Green Beans