Creamy Potato Soup

I have made potato soup a lot in my life time, but recently I have discovered my favorite way to make it. Sometimes my potato soup would turn out bland, mostly because I was just throwing whatever I had on hand in it, but this recipe is delicious with great flavor! I am so excited to share my soup recipe with you. Enjoy! Creamy Potato … Continue reading Creamy Potato Soup

Delicious Cinnamon and Orange Rolls!

Now I have made cinnamon rolls several times. They always seem time-consuming, and never turn out tasting very good, which is a let down. For Christmas, I decided to try it again using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. They turned out fabulous! It’s probably all the butter! They were still time-consuming and super messy, but we’re soooo worth it! I made one batch of dough, and … Continue reading Delicious Cinnamon and Orange Rolls!